Hey guys.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Really quickly, just wanted to let you know that I haven’t been around due to illness accompanied by a couple of hospital stays.  I’m back home now so hopefully I’ll recover quickly so I can get back to you guys plus repair the horrible job my designer did to my site.  I’m pretty sure she’s reading this right now because it has been my experience that when people are mad at you, they start stalking you.  They become so obsessed that they make up different names and emails so they can spy on your every cyber move.  So I’m mentioning this because when I signed into the site today after being gone for a couple of weeks, I was confronted with a nasty message that I’ve since removed.  So she can play games if she wants but as I’ve mentioned before, I cannot be broken and you won’t be the person to do it.  I am also content with the knowledge that every bad thing you do to people, you will pay for.  Karma is a bitch.

Incidentally guys, her company name is on the bottom right of my home page where all the info stuff is but she hid it so well when she was programming that I can’t find it from the back end to remove it.  So since it’s going to be there until I can remove it, please do not use this designer for anything unless you don’t mind getting robbed.

Back to the main topic, I will be back with you guys ASAP but I wanted to make clear that I have not abandoned the site so please feel free to continue to use the site and share your own stories.  I’m trying to get the site to the level I envisioned when I started the blog and I will in fact deliver the interactive blog I promised on my home page.

i guess that’s it for now but I look forward to being back very soon.  Thank you all so much for the patience you have displayed.


Ria 🦋

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