Announcements for 04/09/19

April 9, 2019

Hey Spoonies. For those that don’t know, I had a huge problem with my web designer and my site was taken away from me on a couple of different occasions. Anyway, I think that for the most part, the problem has been pretty much resolved in spite of some minor revisions which need to be completed but I know nothing about web design so the changes may be somewhat challenging for me, so we’ll see how it goes. If anyone here knows anything about web design, or knows someone who does who would be willing to help, please send them my way.

I’d also like to hear your ideas for the Fun Stuff area of the site. If you look on the menu, it is the “More” tab which will be renamed. If you click on more, you’ll see a list of different suggestions that we can implement, but from the very beginning, I have always said that this is not only my site, but our site. So I’d really like to get some feedback on what kind of things you’d like to see in this area. Again the list that is there is just there as possible ideas but I really don’t want to set up features and activities for you guys if you’re not interested and the area will not be used. A few of my faves are having a Feature Article section and this area will be for guest bloggers, but most importantly, I want to reach out to experts for information on auto-immune diseases, Breast Cancer, Ehler’s Danlos, and anything else you may be interested in. My other fave is the member art area and I love this idea. Here you can post your artwork, poems, crafts, maybe even happy planner inspiration, etc.. and then if you guys like we can have an artist of the month to be featured on the home page. So please drop me a comment and let me know what you’d like to see.

Finally guys, I am aware that this is an awareness site and I’m writing very little about any kind of awareness, but this is being done rather intentionally. I’m probably making a huge mistake by doing this, but my reason is that since this is such a new site which already suffered a major catastrophe, because of my absence and inability to keep up with the site, I now have very few members and I’d really like the chance to bring in some traffic and increase membership before we start getting into the serious stuff. What do you guys think? I also feel like if I start posting the awareness stories now, that they’re going to be lost to the new subscribers as I don’t know if they’ll go back to see my older stories. But I don’t know. But I’m hoping that the awesome members that I do have right now stick with me while I work out the kinks.

Oh my, I just looked at the clock and it is now 5am and I didn’t get any sleep. I’ve always liked to do my writing after midnight because at the time, the house is quiet, everyone is sleeping, I could research, write, watch YouTube, lol, and do whatever I need to do without being disturbed but unfortunately, I seem to lose all track of time and there have been days when I’ve gotten no sleep at all. Anyway Spoonies, I wish you all a great day and I look forward to reading your comments.

Ria Robi 🦋

2 thoughts on “Announcements for 04/09/19

  1. she is psycho, never work with her.


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