Which Way Should We Go?

Good morning my fellow Lupies and Spoonies.

I hope that everyone is doing great today or as great as can be.  So as we all can see, this site is about as bare as it can be.  And of course, it is because it is brand spanking knew.  I believe I mentioned the direction I would like to take this site in, but since it’s not only my site, but our site, I would love some input from all of you.

My plans are, first and foremost, to make this a safe place where we can discuss whatever ills we may have, and to share our thoughts and feelings with other like minded, like bodied individuals who can also understand the daily struggle of living with a chronic illness.  We should all agree to listen and respond to others with nothing but the utmost respect.  And if sometimes a conversation should get heated, as these things can often happen, let’s keep it classy and agree to disagree.  My intention is not to stifle people’s ideas and beliefs but to maintain a site where every visitor, reader and subscriber feels safe while at the same time feeling confidant that they can share their thoughts and ideas without being judged or verbally attacked.

So this sounds like it’s going to turn out to be a pretty good website, right?  Actually sites like what I’ve described above are a dime a dozen.  So why join this one?  Because I want more.  Of course I want this to be a place where you come to discuss how bad your pain is today, or the doctor changing your meds, or having a ha d time coping and feeling depressed, or family members just not understanding, etc….  if you cry, I will cry with you, if you want to laugh, I’ll tell you a joke, if you need a friend, I’ll be there for you.  But Ike I said, I want more……

Personally,  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and sometimes I just want to forget that I’m sick.  I don’t want to talk about how depressed I am today or how sick I feel after chemo, or the new disease  I was handed out at my last visit to the doctor as if it were candy.  Sometimes, I just need a break as I’m sure we all do.  It’s heavy stuff being sick, isn’t it?

with that being said, this is how I want to be different from other sites And stay relevant.  So I want to take the site in another direction as well.  Of course all of these implementations are not going to happen overnight, but they will happen.  Some ideas I’ve been toying around with are doing product reviews or movie reviews.  But ultimately, it’s  really up to us all what kind of site we want this to be.  I was also thinking of opening a new tab that we can use for a book club or live chats or we can vote on what we’d like to see there.  I want to share recip3s and discuss current events or share viral videos and gifs and memes.  I’d like to conduct surveys once in a while and maybe allow subscribers to post about their home businesses once a month which nobody seems to allow anymore.  I also want to know what you guys would like to see, because honestly, without each and every one of you, this site will fail to grow and prosper the way I have visualized.  I want to talk about tips, tricks and life hacks.  We can also talk about our relationships or clothing hauls or favorite makeup.  But again, this is all about you.  So please post or email me your idea# and I will try to implement them.  I jjust st realized how much I’ve rambled on but I’m honestly so xcited to start this journey with you all.  And hopefully, some day this can be like a one stop place for anything medical place while at the same time being a fun place to kick back, relax, read an article or two and make some new friends. Oh, and I almost forget, I’ve set up a cool little store where I’ll be selling awareness items such as breast cancer awareness pins, keychains, lupus bracelets, notepad sets, bookmarks, paper fans, teddy bears, mugs, T-shirt’s and things of that nature but please let me know if you’d like to see any other items displayed.  Let me know what you think guys.  Please leave a comment or email me via the contact me tab or directly at ContactMe@LupieButterfly.com

So guys, I think I’m just about done.  Just let me know what you guys want to talk about.  In the meantime, I’ll be hard at work putting together some more blog posts and informative articles.  Look forward to getting to know you all real soon.


Ria Robi


3 thoughts on “Which Way Should We Go?

  1. Following your journey. Keep going, it’s certainly a narrative we need. The more we speak our truths about living with Chronic illness, the more people have tog listen up. Empathy goes a long way and we must continue he fight to make Lupus visible 💜


    1. Hey Love! I’m very excited. You are my first official post and susciber. Yay! I feel like a kid in a candy store. Lol.

      However, I’m a little embarrassed because I think that my page designer forgot to put an under construction sign up and my site wasn’t ready to launch until Saturday. Needless to say my site was very baron without many posts, articles, pics, title, members (lol) etc., all of which will be available on Saturday.

      So I really have to thank you so much for dropping in even though the house was a mess. 🙂
      But again, I really do appreciate it and can’t wait to get to know you and show you what our site has to offer. WELCOME Purple Love! 💜


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